Jameson is a 2005 unregistered rescue chestnut gelding. He is 36″tall,
and a powerhouse to drive. In 2015 he won reserve in discipline rail and pleasure driving with Carmen in the driver’s seat.

Jameson his first week with us. You can see how underweight he was.

Jameson began his journey with us in 2013. We had been with out a horse of our own for three years, and I wanted to get back in to driving. Jameson came to us after spending most of his life as a teaser stallion. He was underweight and under muscled. It took about a month to get him in good condition with regular lunging and groundwork and a rich diet of orchard grass and ground flax.

IMG_1086Jameson was not shy. Our property is fully fenced so when we were home we would let him out of his stall to adventure the property. His first move was to check him self out in the windows of the house, which was cute at first but quickly turned destructive when he saw himself as a rival stallion. Once we broke him of that habit he enjoyed his free time by becoming our landscaper. He would vigilantly trim the grass, clean up the dried fruit tree leaves, and manage his grapefruit. He would carefully roll each grapefruit into separate piles depending on their level of fermentation. When they were to his liking he would indulge in one, maybe two if he had a challenging work out.

IMG_4984Jameson learned very quickly and we were able to put him in a cart doing light work outs after six weeks. He has a born to work attitude and loved driving. After a few months of arena driving we began taking him out on trail in the cart. Then he learned about speed, and that boy is fast! He can out run about half the horses that come to compete at the local gymkhana. His favorite event became Texas Barrels and he became a crowd favorite.

In 2014, he won in the San Diego Pleasure Driving Club

In 2015, he won Champion in Pleasure Driving and Discipline Rail at Tumbleweed Riding Club.

In 2016, he won Grand Champion in In-Hand Trail, Miniature Horse of the Year, Senior Horse of the Year, Champion Youth Halter, and Champion in Pleasure Driving and Discipline Rail at Tumbleweed Riding Club.