Halloween 2013. Jameson and from left to right; Camille, Carmen and Cara.

Oak Leaf Miniatures is a collaboration between three sisters; Cara, Carmen and Camille. We have been blessed with an amazing family that has always encouraged and supported our passion for horses.








Cara is the oldest is of three sisters. She began training File_002horses at a young age. Her first horse was an appendix quarter horse mare, Lulu. Lulu foaled a chestnut filly named Summer Star. Summer Star was exclusively trained by Cara for jumping, gymkhana, western pleasure, English pleasure, and tricks.

Now she acts as the stable owner for Oak Leaf Miniatures. In her free time she trains and breeds miniatures for excellence in driving. Her stallion, AE Golden Reign is a Grand Champion Driving horse on the local circuit. Now they are setting their sights on conquering at the regional level.


File_002 (1)Carmen is a dynamite trainer and is the stable manager. Her bond with her horse Jameson is extraordinary. Together at the local level they have won Grand Champion in In-Hand Trail defeating professionally trained quarter horses and paints. She has also won Reserve Champion in Pleasure Driving and Discipline rail two years in a row.

She has also volunteered countless hours at Rapture’s Horse Rescue Foundation and Friends of Cats. She is truly an incredible human being.

These days she manages and trains the miniature horses, and prepares for shows. Her training focuses on showmanship and in-hand obstacle work. Without her Oak Leaf Miniatures could not exist.



File_009Camille is a blossoming young rider who was dominated the local circuits. While training with , the youngest, is training with Cheryl Paz at On the Bit Equestrian Academy. The list of her equestrian accomplishments is endless.

At Oak Leaf Miniatures, Camille is the head groom. Her attention to detail and equine aesthetic is unparalleled. She keeps the horses and the humans in tip top shape.


Cara Castro